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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT there is a vacancy on the Beaumont Library District Board of Trustees due to the recent resignation of Board Member Laura Tetzlaff. The term of the vacant position ends November, 2022.

NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN THAT appointment will be made in compliance with California Government Code, Section 1780, by the Board of Trustees of said district.

A person appointed to the office of Trustee must be a resident of the District and a registered voter.

If you would be interested in applying for this vacancy, please contact the District Office at (951) 845-1357. Anyone interested in being appointed is required to submit a letter of intent to serve setting forth a brief summary of the person's interest and background.

Letters of intent must be received at the District's office,125 8th St. in Beaumont, by noon on August 27, 2019.

DATED: July 26, 2019

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Library Director

Connect to the world through the Beaumont Library District

Beaumont Library District was established in August 1911 and the building, funded by Andrew Carnegie, was opened in 1914. An addition was built in 1965 and a community room was built in 1981. You can find a current floor plan (PDF) of the library online. 

The library is a special "library services" district and is independent of both city and county governments. We currently serve over 80,000 residents of the city of Beaumont, unincorporated Cherry Valley, and unincorporated areas of Riverside County, all of which lie within the District boundaries. Visit for more information on special districts in California.

Learn more about the library and see what your library is worth with this return on investment calculator. For example, in 2014-15 the library circulated approximately 64,297 children's books, 30,249 adult books, and 49,629 videos. Add to that 20,167 reference questions answered, 10,144 computer sessions, and 23,765 program attendees, and you get an estimated value of $2,235,050.00. That's a pretty good return on your investment.
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"Over a century of service to the community"

"A California Services District"

Important State Legislation to be Voted on Soon That Will Help Libraries, Check it Out!

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