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The Beaumont Library Is Open to the Public. Please read the Following Guidelines for use of our "Express" Services at this Time.

1. Masks covering nose and mouth required at all times 

As in other places, masks covering nose and mouth will be
required for the public while in the building, except for
children under 3. Those under 14 must be supervised by an adult. 

2. Seating will not be available to allow for social distancing 

In order to comply with recommended restrictions, all user
seating has been removed to make it easier for visitors to space
themselves six feet apart and to limit time spent in the building. 

3. Customers will be encouraged to keep their visits brief 

For safety sake, only “express” services will be provided with
no lengthy interactions between staff and public allowed. Public
computers are available for 30-minute express use along with 
printing, but photocopying is not being offered. 

4. No more than 30 customers allowed at any one time 

The Library has limited space, so no more than 30 patrons will
be allowed in the building at any one time. All visits should be
as quick as possible and will be limited to 30 minutes or less.

5. Social distance markings will be used in high traffic areas 

Like retail locations, we will have floor markings to ensure that
visitors maintain spacing in high traffic areas and we will have
appropriate barriers to distance staff from public as necessary. 

6. Curbside Pickup Ends October 31st but Delivery Will Continue

Curbside pickup of all holds from 10 to 3 on Mon., Tues., Thurs. & Fri.
and 2 to 4 on Sat. & Sun. will continue through October 31st. District
residents can call for delivery beginning November 1st.

7. Some materials may be browsed “at your own risk”  

Studies have shown that the virus disappears from all library
materials after at most 1 to 3 days. Customers may choose to
browse items (except newspapers and magazines) but should
leave items touched and not taken to be re-shelved by staff. 

8. Items touched or checked out will be disinfected after use 

Library staff will continue to sanitize/quarantine all returned
materials, as well as items that may have been handled, but not
checked out, by customers browsing our collections. 

9. Customers will be monitored for obvious signs of illness 

Employees who are ill will take sick leave. Anyone, whether
staff of public, who is exhibiting obvious ill health, such as
high temperature or persistent coughing and sneezing, will be
asked to leave the facility and not return until in good health.  

10. Daily cleaning continues with wipes & sanitizer available 

Daily cleaning will continue, and cleanliness of restrooms will
be monitored on a regular basis. In addition, hand soap,
sanitizer and disinfectant wipes will be available for the public
after the use of library material, equipment, and facilities.

Connect to the world through the Beaumont Library District

Beaumont Library District was established in August 1911 and the building, funded by Andrew Carnegie, was opened in 1914. An addition was built in 1965 and a community room was built in 1981. You can find a current floor plan (PDF) of the library online. 

The library is a special "library services" district and is independent of both city and county governments. We currently serve over 80,000 residents of the city of Beaumont, unincorporated Cherry Valley, and unincorporated areas of Riverside County, all of which lie within the District boundaries. Visit for more information on special districts in California.

Learn more about the library and see what your library is worth with this return on investment calculator. For example, in 2014-15 the library circulated approximately 64,297 children's books, 30,249 adult books, and 49,629 videos. Add to that 20,167 reference questions answered, 10,144 computer sessions, and 23,765 program attendees, and you get an estimated value of $2,235,050.00. That's a pretty good return on your investment.

"Over a century of service to the community"

"A California Services District"

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