About the Library

The Beaumont Library District appreciates generous contributions from the Laura May Stewart Foundation and the Friends of the Library for supporting our programs and resources.

Brief History

The District was established in August 1911 and the Carnegie-funded building was opened in 1914. An addition was built in 1965 and a community room was built in 1981. You can find a current floor plan (PDF) of the library online. Currently the library provides services to residents of the city of Beaumont, parts of Banning, the unincorporated Cherry Valley, and unincorporated areas of Riverside County, all of which lie within District boundaries. 

Vision Statement

The Beaumont Library District is committed to providing a friendly and approachable environment that encourages people toward community involvement through acting as a partner, an educator, a resource, and guide upon which the public, businesses, educators, and government can rely for accurate, timely information, lifelong learning opportunities, recreational needs, intellectual stimulation, and cultural enrichment. The Library District will strive to be a source of community pride and will enrich the lives of residents of all ages by providing bridges to knowledge, culture, and leisure; by instilling the love of reading and the joy of learning, by promoting full and equal access to information and ideas, and by responding to its changing environment, especially in the areas of demographics, emerging technologies, and space and resource needs.

Mission Statement

The Beaumont Library District gives residents of all ages the means to continue to learn throughout their lives; to meet their recreational reading interests; to find, evaluate and use information in a variety of formats; to get answers to their questions. We are committed to efficient and effective library services. Special emphasis is placed on providing current, popular materials; encouraging the youngest children to develop an interest in reading; providing timely, accurate, and useful information to residents of the District; and providing a community gathering place.


The Beaumont Library District offers services and programs to adults of all ages. We provide literacy tutoring, DMV test practice classes, a book club, and a wide range of other programs and events.


Beaumont Library District is an Early Learning Family Place Library. As an Early Learning Family Place Library, we are a place for early childhood information, parent/caregiver education, emergent literacy, socialization, and family support.


We need your help to improve our Teen Services! Do you have an idea for a great program or event? Are you looking to volunteer? Let us know!