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Each month, Beaumont Library District staff members offer recommendations on some of their favorite books & DVD’s. 

Find out what the staff recommends each month by viewing the list below.

Some recommendations are recent releases, while others have stood the test of time. 

Each recommendation is followed by a comment on why the title was suggested. 

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Recommended by Allison

roalddahlshortstories Opens in new window

Great adult stores! The opposite of his kid novels.

Recommended by Jasmine

onthecomeup Opens in new window

Inspiring story of a young black girl living in poverty and fighting for free speech through hip-hop; her salvation.

withinthesewickedwalls Opens in new window

Debut novel that is a captivation Jane Eyre/Ethiopian inspired fantasy! Excellent!

Recommended by Julia

thesepreciousdays Opens in new window

Ann Patchett never disappoints, be it fiction or essays. This is a beautiful collection.

Recommended by Sarah

wildergirls Opens in new window

A feminist/darker retelling of "Lord of the Flies."

Recommended by Tamara

bookshopofyesterdays Opens in new window

A whimsical novel that shows the results of grief, the consequences of long kept secrets, & the life changing power of forgiveness.

loversdictionary Opens in new window

A quick & concise unconventional novel telling the story of a relationship[p presented as dictionary entries.

thisiswhatyoujust Opens in new window

Insightful book about ingredients in popular food & non-food items.

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