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Zip Book Request Form

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  2. What is Zip Books?

    Zip Books is a program that is a grant funded, patron centered, book ordering program that allows patrons to order books that they would like to see in the library that is not currently in the library's collection. 

    Most books are eligible for Zip requests. The book must meet the criteria below.

    A Zip Book in print form must be:

    • an item not already owned by the library 
    • in stock on Amazon Prime,
    • cost $50.00 or less before taxes ($75 or less if in a language other than English)
    • published at least three months ago,
    • not a fillable book (a textbook, workbook, journal, or puzzle book)
    • not out of print, and
    • not a “bestseller” (if in doubt, check the New York Times Bestseller list) unless you are ordering a Large Print or audiobook edition, in which case bestsellers are permitted. 

    Audiobooks on CD are eligible if they are

    • an item not already owned by the library
    • in stock on Amazon Prime,
    • cost $75.00 or less,
    • published at least three months ago, and
    • not out of print.

    DVDS, music CDs, digital audiobooks (e.g. mp3 or iTunes), workbooks, textbooks, prepublication items, ebooks (including Kindle books,) and multiple copies of the same title are not eligible to be requested through the Zip Books program.

    We expect to fulfill the vast majority of Zip Books requests, but success is not guaranteed. Approval will depend on available funds, the availability of the item on Amazon, and our evaluation of the title as being suitable for addition to the library collections.

    Please check the site beforehand to make sure the item is available. We will contact you if we are unable to fulfill the request or if it does not meet the criteria.

    Orders are placed through Amazon and sent directly to your home mailing address. The Zip Books item will be checked out to your library account until they are returned to the library. 

    When items are returned, the library staff will evaluate them with the potential of adding them to the collection. 

    Unreturned Zip Books will be considered lost and the patron will be blocked from using the Zip Books program.  

    Patrons are limited to 5 (five) Zip Book requests per month.

  3. Zip Books Online Request Form

    Please fill out the form below as complete as possible. Please verify first if item can be purchased at As this is a grant funded program, items are purchased based on the following conditions: Not already owned by the library, item cost is capped at $50 for books, $75 for audiobooks, not out of print, and publication is older than three months. Only books and audiobooks can be requested. Please place one item request at a time. The Beaumont Library reserves the right not to add items to our collection based on our selection policy.

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